Some Fundamental Doubles Tactics.

by John Debnam Doubles Ideas

Specific Tennis Doubles Tactics These are some of the various tactics you can try when playing your club doubles.

Tennis Doubles Tactics #1: Fake Poach From the name itself, the server’s partner pretends to poach by moving early (earlier than when you actually do poach) for the opponents to see him/her moving but only to move back to cover the doubles alley. The server’s partner should move always confusions to the opponents as to what the next returns will be.

Tennis Doubles Tactics #2: The server In tennis doubles, the server normally stands between the doubles sideline and the center. One of the tennis doubles tactics is to keep the receiver guessing on the type of serve to hit by changing the serving positions every now and then. Like for example if you are planning to hit the backhand side of the receiver, try to be deceptive and stand at a point where the receiver won’t anticipate your serve.

Tennis Doubles Tactics #3: Cringe In tennis doubles especially for the less experience players, it is very easy to be hit by your opponent’s ball. If your opponent intends to hit any part of your body or your racket to put you off balance, try to evade it as much as possible because you partner has still a chance keep the ball in play.

Tennis Doubles Tactics #4: One-up or one-back This tennis doubles tactic means that one player is positioned near the net while the other player is positioned further back. This tactic is less effective compared to the two-up (means the two players stand near the net) but it can still be effective in some circumstances. This can be useful when your opponents do not like to play net or when they like to lob.


Tennis Doubles Tactics #5: Angled volley Angled volley shots are volley shots hit to the side of the court instead of hitting the ball straight in front of you. It is ideal to hit angled volley shots when both or one of the opponents are positioned at the back.

Tennis Doubles Tactics #6: Get the first serve in It is more difficult to return a serve (especially the first serve) in tennis doubles than in tennis singles because of the server’s partner who normally stands at the net. Thus, for the server’s team side, one of the best tennis doubles tactics to win points is to let the first serve in. The server’s team has a better chance of winning if they achieved high percentage of good first serve.

Tennis Doubles Tactics #7: Proper communication One of the tennis doubles tactics that may make or break a tennis doubles match is the team’s communication. Team work is lost in the absence of communication and the absence of team work in tennis doubles means disaster. Proper communication is vital for the two players in a team to play as one. Right and timely communication allows the players to execute the perfect and timely tennis doubles tactics to win points.

Tennis Doubles Tactics #8: Good movement coordination Since tennis doubles is a teamwork game, movement coordination between the two players is vital. In tennis doubles, it is necessary not to leave an open court or else your opponents find an opportunity for an offensive attack. Thus, one member of the team should try to cover an open court left by the other player. Like for example, if the server’s partner has to run to the far right side to return a wide shot, the server should move in the same direction to avoid an open court.

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