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Tennis Coaching Myths

There are two traditional tennis instructions that many players believe are absolute truth. The first of these myths is the idea of moving your weight into every ball. You must have heard this before, “You missed that shot because your weight was not moving forward!” The second myth is that you should hit the ball waist high. Sounds good! But can you get your opponent to keep the ball waist high for you?

The Art Of Learning

Some great quotes re learning whether you are an artist a writer a a painter or an athlete - these quotes are equal in life as they are in tennis.

How To Develp Effortless Tennis

Effortless tennis here at TennisZoo Los Gigantes Tenerife

Handling Failure In Tennis Or Life

There have been a few articles regarding failure and that kids should be unhappy with this - my view is here..

The BIt Of Advice For The Competitive Player Out There.

A few words for the competitive player out there..

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