Understanding Doubles- Positional Play 1

by John Debnam Doubles Ideas

I like this video as it shows the error of not moving back to your help your partner when under pressure of a good return of serve. This video is actually a live match- not a set up video- and if you watch what the guy talking says, that on the point where the server is taken wide by her opponents wide return, partner does not adjust her position so the receivers return gives the net player an easy put away - how many times have you done this or had it done to you. As soon as the server’s partner sees the return pushing her wide and under pressure, she should have tracked back to help guard the middle- they might not have won the point as the return was pretty good, but they just might have been back in the rally by better positioning. Also, another thing you can learn from this is that the service at 1.50 was hit wide which created the wide angle on the return - a service placed more down the middle to the T would have solved this.

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