How To Correct The Waiter's Serve

by John Debnam Tennis Tips

From FeelTennis

Called this as when the racket is back behind you, you could actually put a glass of wine on the strings and it would not fall off.So what us coaches want from you is to become the bad waiter- and so the glass would slide off the strings.

Usually this is caused by having the racket in a forehand grip, so a grip change is the key to this combined with the magic word “pronation”.

Now one ray of hope for anyone out there who has this problem, is that you can still serve resonably well in a forehand grip, but no spin and less power.But of course it does not give you a consistantly good serve, but if you have no time or only practice/play once a month then this will be very difficult for you to change.

Anyway- read on

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