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Tennis Coaching Myths

There are two traditional tennis instructions that many players believe are absolute truth. The first of these myths is the idea of moving your weight into every ball. You must have heard this before, “You missed that shot because your weight was not moving forward!” The second myth is that you should hit the ball waist high. Sounds good! But can you get your opponent to keep the ball waist high for you?

Doubles- The Top 3 High Percentage Shots

You do not need 50 good shots to bve a good tennis player- to start with you just need a few dependable ones

Will Staying Sideways Help You To Hit Up On The Serve?

Helpful video on the serve

Doubles For The Older Player

This is a good post for Los Gigantes doubles players - As You Get Older, Playing Doubles: Go To Your Imaginary Spot

Understanding Doubles- Positional Play 1

How To Improve Your Doubles- By Just Being In The Right Place

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