Tennis Commandments

by John Debnam Doubles Ideas

Tennis Commandments

In doubles, there is a greater need to “see” your opponents and their racquet faces.

Vision in the game of doubles is a very different reality than when playing singles. Generally, you have less time to actually “see” the ball. Why? Well in part, doubles players are more frequently at the net. This means that the ball will travel less distance than is the case when playing singles.

I am not suggesting that doubles players do not need to clearly “see” the ball. However to do this, doubles players will invariably need to see the ball come off their opponent’s racquet faces more carefully than when playing singles.

In addition, there are two opponents to watch. Each doubles player needs to “know” where both opponents are on the court. There is really only one way that this can be achieved…by using one’s peripheral vision.

Each doubles player will need to become acclimated to “seeing the ball” while “knowing” where each opponent is located on the court. In singles, there is a greater security associated with where the opponent is at on the court at any given time.

When playing doubles, each player needs to “get his or her eyes on” in ways that are a bit different from what is required in singles play.

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