Tai Chi In Tipsy Terrace

by John Debnam Tipsy Terrace Los Gigantes


Inspirationally Tai Chi - On the Lawn at Tipsy Terrace As a personal training program Tai Chi promotes all-round holistic health of body, mind and spirit… Body: Graceful flowing movements mobilise joints, tendons and muscles, gradually increasing range of movement, physical strength and vitality. Mind: With practice, the routine becomes a moving meditation - de-stressing erratic thought patterns, relaxing and releasing tension, allowing the natural flow of energy to return within the body; promoting general health, better coordination, balance, agility and memory. Spirit: By focusing inwards we find ourselves more aware of our energetically spiritual nature and universal connection, beyond the physicality of all things. …So don’t be at all surprised if you begin to discover parts of your mind, body and spirit that you never knew you had! Really looking forward to you joining us!

Marie Carr

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