BeLive Hotel Playa La Arena - The Story So Far

by John Debnam Things To Do In Tenerife

Some of you know that here in Playa de la Arena we have been having problems with the noise from the BeLive Hotel Playa Arena.

Not to bore anyone out there but I will just let anyone out there wanting to book with this hotel exactly what you will experience when you are here.

*First – it is a beautiful hotel with spectaculat views of the sea and the Island of Gomea.
*The noise – for 15 years it was the quiestest hotel around, but then with a change of contract the Belive Group took over and wanted it to be a family hotel – but they also allowed a French tour company to bring its own “animation team” and this is where it all went wrong.
*So this is what you will get on your holiday in “the peaceful Hotel – as they put in their advertising.
*At 10.00 in the morning you will hear the first announcement of the day using a microphone – telling you exactly what is on the daily event board at the entrance to the pool area – it does not matter where you are in the hotel’s two pool areas- you can stil hear it.
*The announcements are made roughly every 30 minutes…mini golf tournament – darts-whatever.
*At about 11.00 and 15.00 there is aqua aerobics where the music is normally house/garage type.
*The pool side music can be on all day – sometimes chil but most times disco type.
*The announcements go on until 17.30 when peace takes over.
*Wednesday lunch time they offer a bbq, accompanied by 2-3 hours of..yes..the same type of rubbish music, I mean, we are in Tenerife, whay not have typical Island music?? Some friends of mine from Scotland stayed there, and said “On a Wednesday it was impossible to escape the noise”
*Friday is the free paella and sangria, and once again between 12-14 the music is loud and rubbish..??? Spanish music.
*Friday evening is the French groups leaving party – out door fiesta- again from about 21.00 – 22.30- same rubbish music complete with microphone – so do not think of an early night on a Friday.
*The evenings can be OK if they close the doors on the terrace where the “live” shows take place-if not..then no early night for you.

No good complaining as the manager is only interested in filling the hotel, and also he really has no idea what is going on!

So if you are planning to book this hotel – be warned!!

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