Good Result From My Swedish Pupil

by John Debnam Tipsy Terrace Los Gigantes

Well done to Viggo Andersson, who has just won the Regional Championships (North of Sweden) for 10 year olds, and also got 3rd place in the competition for Under 12’s – great results.

This Easter he is off to train on clay in Mallorca, in preparation for the Sewdish National Championships.

Below a photo with Viggo on the right.

Working with him earlier this year- we did not really alter anything big- it was basically to get him to hit and hold on his ground strokes, so he could feel when he was balanced..the backhand we used the hit a kiss idea, that has really improved this stroke.So sometimes its just small things that make the difference- this is not a difficult game to learn, but it can be made difficult if given the wrong info.

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