How Can You Imorove Your Doubles Game?

by John Debnam Doubles Ideas

Doubles is a game of skill and strategy. Here are some basic strategies that you and your partner can try out. BUT these need practice practice and more practice- and one more thing COMMUNICATION!! Because these strategies will not work if only one of know what is going on.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER Hitting to the middle is often the safest shot- because as everyone says- it is the lowest part of the net, but only just 106.5cm at the net post, and 91.5cm in the centre- so only a difference of 15cms, but what it does is cause confusion between the two opponents. PICK ON THE WEAKER PLAYER Pretty obvious you may think, but how many of us chat with each other actually about who is the weaker opponent. After the warm up, this is when info should be exchanged- after the usual half court warm up tell your partner how your opponent plays- are the quick/slow- do they favour their forehand or backhand- how good is their volley etc etc.

GET TO THE NET A game of tennis is usually won at the net- your volley might not be that great, but it may be better than your opponents ability to pass you.

AIM FOR THE FEET Once you get the chance to volley or smash- hit down at the nearest players feet.

CHANGE OF PACE Not always a good idea on our planet to always hit hard- a hard hit shot only requires a blocked return to get it back, but a shot with less pace needs them to hit with pace and often this can cause balls out and in the net.

LOB Can be a great shot to hit at the right time- keeps the net player quessing and can split the team leaving gaps for you to exploit.

Use the off season to go out with your partner to practice these ideas- get some friends to play doubles against you and see if in a game situation you can try some of these strategies.


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